Parkhill Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign

Friday, July 04, 2014

Our Hearts are With You

The Parkhill Stanley Park Community would like to offer a symbol of hope to the Liknes and O’Brien Family by tying a green ribbon to the front of our homes.  In an effort to increase awareness, it is a way that we can show our expression for the safe return of Kathy, Alvin & Nathan.

The Green Ribbon of Hope

The Green Ribbon is recognized as a symbol to remember missing children and to seek their safe return. It is also used as an expression of our thoughts for missing children, their families and friends.

Volunteers from the community will be delivering the ribbons to mailboxes over the weekend. Please tie this ribbon to the front of your home on the porch, railing, mailbox or on a tree to show your support for the missing family members. Thank you.

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