Mission Road Land Use Designations Meeting

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Calgary City Council Public Hearing- January 9, 2012

On Monday January 9th, 2012, Calgary City Council will be deciding on two different Land Uses for the stretch of Mission Road, approximately between Henninger Toyota/Centaur Subaru, and 34 Ave. S.W., within the Community boundary of Parkhill/Stanley Park (P/SP).

In an unusual circumstance, they will need to make one of four possible decisions:

  1. Approve the Land Owners application for residential development to a maximum of 111 units per hectare;
  2. Approve the City of Calgary application for residential (unknown density) development up to five storeys in height and commercial uses, including but not limited to liquor stores, licensed restaurants, late night take-out shops and a list of others;
  3. Reject both proposals above and leave the Land Use as is, which if fully built out would yield approximately 36 units per hectare of residential semi-detached or duplexes (currently there are 16 dwelling units on this stretch of Mission);
  4. Send the matter back for more study.

The Parkhill/Stanley Park Environment and Planning Committee (P/SPE&PC) is asking that you take the time to review the 2 Land Use Designations and ARP Amendments, and also to review the 4 letters from the P/SPE&PC, written over the last four years on this matter.

The implications associated with each of these Land Uses are complex but what it comes down to in extremely simplistic terms is three choices:

  1. Allowing the Land Owners group to build their multi-family apartments will mean that they are in fact being rewarded for letting their properties deteriorate;
  2. Supporting the City╩╝s position will mean mixed use retail/commercial/residential at a potentially higher density than the Land Owners have proposed, and with uses that could potentially lead to late night activities and spill-over parking;
  3. Leaving the land use as is will probably lead to more deterioration of the existing properties.

The P/SPE&PC feels it necessary to again ask you to weigh in with your views so that we know that we are indeed representing the majority viewpoint of our residents.

Supporting Documents - Please See

 Mission Road Page

Submit 5 minute survey - By Dec 29th


All answers will be kept in confidence but we will ask you if you are a resident of P/SP, what street you live on, and how long you have lived there, just as a way of confirming residency.

The City has requested that we get our position letter to them by December 29th and so we will need to close the survey on December 29th, which unfortunately is not a sufficient amount of time to gather input on such an important issue. We apologize for the short notice but it was the City who set the schedule.

In a future email we will be asking who might be available to go to City Council on january 9th, to lend their support at the Public Hearing on this matter.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey and showing interest in this issue.

Peter Wiseman

Co-Chair, P/SPE&PC

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