Concern Regarding Development Application in Parkhill Community

Land Use Rezoning of 4120 1A St. SW

Published Sunday, August 30, 2020


To view recent communications submitted to the City of Calgary on behalf of residents of Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association, please see the following links:

An amendment to the Parkhill/Stanley Park Area Redevelopment Plan is required in support of this application. A development permit application (DP2020-4776) was submitted and is under review. Residents can email questions or concerns to the City of Calgary planning representative: EZRA WASSER (403) 268-1495 or contact with your comments.


Hello Community,

As you may have seen, an application for a Land Use Change and development permit has been filed for the property located at 4120-1A Street SW.

This property is currently zoned as Low Density Residential (R-C2) and the application is to rezone to M-C1.

R-C2 is a residential designation primarily for single detached, side-by-side and duplex homes.   Much of Parkhill/Stanley Park, and all of 1A street but for the short block between 38th and 39th Avenues, is designed as R-C2.  The yellow properties on the below graphic are R-C2.

M-C1 is a multi-residential designation primarily for 3 and 4 storey apartment buildings.  The eastern perimeter of Parkhill/Stanley Park and the block between 38th and 39th Avenues is designated as MC-1.  The orange properties on the below graphic are M-C1.

A change in the Land Use for the applicable property would shift the allowable units on that property from 2 units (a duplex or side-by-side), with a maximum 8.6-10m tall, to up to 10.9 units, with a maximum of 10-14m tall.

The development permit application shows a plan with 5 units and is 10.5-14.2m tall.

The proposed rezoning represents a complete departure from adjacent properties and would interfere with the current enjoyment of the existing properties in a way that cannot be condoned.  It would upset the delicate balance that was deliberately struck by the Parkhill Stanley Park Area Redevelopment Plan and is strongly opposed by the Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association.

The ARP was initially approved in 1994 and was created with an understanding that Parkhill Stanley Park, through thoughtful development, could play a critical role as an inner city community, close to public transit by appropriately balancing single family dwellings among low and mid density multi-family dwellings.   This is not a case of ‘Not in My Backyard’.  We have welcomed many projects in recent years that have removed existing single-family homes and replaced them with multi-family dwellings, including but not limited to the multi-unit complex on 40th Avenue and Parkhill Street SW, multiple side by side dwellings that are accessed from 42ndAvenue SW and most recently property on 38th Avenue to move from a low rise apartment to side-by-side homes.    In addition, there are several mid-level apartment buildings found on the streets closer to the C-Train station, allowing for increased density near public transit.  These projects have all respected the ARP and allowed increased density in an appropriate way.  Managing multiple densities in a community cannot be done on an ad hoc basis. It must be done with planning and intention.

The Community Planning and Development Committee is consulting with development counsel and gathering Community feedback.  We welcome your feedback and interest and would ask that you email with any comments, questions or interest.